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Chase Literacy

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by Dr. Kimberly A. Chase


Chase Literacy

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"I leaned on Dr. Chase to help design a program that would improve teachers' ability to deliver, high-quality literacy instruction while specifically supporting their individual needs as instructors ... and she delivered!"

-Middle School Instructional Coach, Cynthia

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Dr. Kimberly A. Chase

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Founder and CRO of Chase Literacy, Dr. Chase is a passionate, literacy professional with over 25 years in education and a demonstrated history of success with making fundamental literacy advancements among principals, teachers, literacy coaches, and students.  She and her team help organizations to reshape literacy instruction programs to meet the needs of today's learners while focusing on increasing reading engagement and scores!

The education consultants at Chase Literacy are teachers, reading specialists, coaches, and professional development strategists who help curate literacy goals for your staff and guide them to accomplish those goals.  

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