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Cynthia, P. -  Middle School Instructional Coach

"I needed a focused literacy program for my school. The teaching staff was new and the school basically was in turnaround mode. While trying to plan for the start of the year, I leaned on Dr. Chase to help design a program that would improve teachers' ability to deliver high-quality literacy instruction while specifically supporting their individual needs as instructors. Kim delivered on that idea. She has helped the Holy Angels' faculty become better teachers of reading in all content areas. She is a true partner and goes above and beyond to make a better learning environment for all children."


Sean, F. - Elementary School Principal

"The professional development provided by Kimberly increased my teachers' capacity to teach reading tremendously! I was even able to pass my principal's test just from sitting in PDs in support of my teachers. Her knowledge of literacy and working with adult learners and ability to prepare PDs that teachers need was so helpful in raising our test scores."

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Alicia, K. - Special Education Teacher

" I still remember my first literacy professional development with Dr. Chase, where the topic was guided reading and the importance of the gradual release model. As a novice special education teacher at that time, I remember practicing this model with my fifth-grade students and how with a lot of practice, coaching, and modeling from Dr. Chase, my students were empowered and developed into capable thinkers and learners. As a result, they became more confident in the area of literacy and their reading levels began to increase."

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